Who Should Apply

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Condition to apply to this program

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age upon starting the program.
  • Candidates must pass the drug test, pre-placement industrial physical and criminal background screen.
  • Candidates must have successfully completed Algebra
  • Candidates must achieve an average score rating on a Mechanical Reasoning Assessment
  • Candidates will need to present a letter of recommendation from a teacher, and or employer regarding their academic and or employment performance
  • Candidates must maintain 98% attendance performance to remain in the program
  • Candidates must maintain 80% grade average for both classroom and hands-on training
Certificate Achievement
Successful completion of the program will afford the students preferred consideration for full-time employment with Precise Tool & Manufacturing

Program students will be employed through a staffing agency

Selection Criteria

Rationale of Criteria and Predicatability of Success
1. Letter of
This will provide an indication of the level of interest and motivation by the candidate to approach their teachers and or their employers for recommendation into this program. This will also provide an opportunity for exposure to teachers and employers about the training program for future student consideration.
2. Mechanical Reasoning Assessment – This is not classified as an aptitude test but an assessment of mechanical reasoning which could provide an indication of past mechanical experience and exposure. This will provide a neutral assessment of the candidate’s “raw mechanical skills”, experiences with mechanical logic and will not deselect those candidates who may possess hands on experience verses pursuing a vocational education.
3. Passing grade of Algebra as well as other relevant science and or vocational oriented classes. The assessment of the candidate’s overall educational achievement should be considered, in conjunction with their mechanical reasoning performance. This will validate the candidate’s overall capabilities. Please note, the only criteria to qualify for college credit into MCC and or Alfred State program requires Algebra.
4. Transcript of High School or College Grades and Attendance Records. Obtain transcripts of GPA and specific grades in Math and Science coursework. Obtain overall attendance performance.
5. Employment history and references as well as any other activities, sports, hobbies. Provide an overall understanding of the candidate’s employment experience as well as any other extra-curricular activities.
6. Team interviewing and
production tour assessment.
Assessment of the candidate’s interest and engagement during the interview and plant tour.

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